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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Green Line = Pickle Line?

So, i was waiting at the bus stop today, which was near a max stop and i got to thinking....
If the orange line = oranges (orange line and one of my bus operator's ideas)

 then shouldn't the...

green line = pickle line,

yellow line = banana line,

red line = tomato line (another one of my bus operator's ideas),

blue line = blueberry line? 

and (can't forget about this infamous commuter light rail line that per-trip LOSES money. Complete waste building it, in my opinion)

Wes = blackberry line? (for those of you who don't know, on trimet's system map, the wes is represented by a black line. Very fitting, i think...black line-black hole=trimet is losing money from this line)


Max said...

I believe the operators refer to the MAX trains that alternate between yellow and green as "lemon lime".

Max said...

Oh sorry, didn't realize this was over 2 years old!

Adri said...

Haha! Cool. I didn't know that.
No worries. I always love the comments, ideas, and thoughts of the readers. :)